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"Hi everyone, this is where I'll be posting any updates or information that are specific to Key Stage 4 and also keeping you up to date with the work we're doing for our Prince's Trust, IT Users and LiFE qualifications."

WEEK 6 - February 2021

Hi everyone - hope you had a good weekend. Can you believe it's the last week of term already?!

Try to complete a further 2 Prince's Trust activities this week and remember that everything counts towards the qualification. Could you also complete the e-safety questionnaire?

Mr Miles and Mr Evans will be posting work for English and Maths. Be sure to try something from each subject in order to gain your voucher.

Lovely to see more and more of you over the last few weeks,
Mr B

Mr Bellamy
Posted by Mr Bellamy on February 8, 2021

WEEK 5 - February 2021

Well this has lasted longer than I thought - five weeks already! Hope you're all managing to stay safe.

It's been brilliant seeing those of you that have been coming into the building and Kirsty and Vicki have loved seeing you online. If you haven't yet come in don't forget Joe still makes the best hot chocolates!

Progress towards your Prince's Trust has been good and I'm really pleased with your efforts. I've still go lots of vouchers burning a whole in my pocket though so make sure to complete work from all 3 classrooms!

Take it easy - give us a bell if you need us,

Mr B

Mr Bellamy
Posted by Mr Bellamy on February 1, 2021

WEEK 4 - January 2021

Hi everyone - hope you've had a good weekend. It's been lovely seeing those you have been attending the centre and it's good to see so many completing the work online - keep it up!

Here are this weeks tasks for your Prince's Trust qualification:

Year 10s - Can you complete 2 activities from the Managing Money unit?
Year 11s - Can you complete 2 activities from either Presentation Skills or Digital Skills?

If you need any help you can call me on 01446 774460,
Mr B

Mr Bellamy
Posted by Mr Bellamy on January 25, 2021

WEEK 3 - January 2021

Well here we are in week 3 of blended learning and a HUUUGE well done to everyone who earned a voucher last week for completing their work online. It's also been great seeing those you have come in to school.

This week you just have additional tasks for your Managing Money and Digital Skills units. I've posted full details in the Stream so log on and take a look.

Kirsty will be contacting you this week regarding our online Nurture sessions so please join in - it'll be great to see everyone even if it's just virtually.

Give me a shout if you need anything, Mr B

Mr Bellamy
Posted by Mr Bellamy on January 18, 2021

Week 2 - January 2021

Hi everyone,

New work has been added to Google Classroom this morning for your Prince's Trust qualification.

Year 10's are starting a new unit called Managing Money and Year 11's are starting Presentation Skills. Remember, all the work you complete goes towards your qualification so try your very best.

I've uploaded some videos talking you through each task so be sure to check those out too πŸ™‚

Give me a shout on the Stream if you get stuck,
Mr B

Mr Bellamy
Posted by Mr Bellamy on January 11, 2021

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone, hope you're all well and had a good Christmas and New Year πŸ™‚

I'm slightly more more round in January than I was in December so I'll definitely be taking advantage of my daily exercise this lockdown!

I've posted work for all of you for this week for your Prince's Trust or LiFE qualifications. All of you were at different points in the course just before Christmas so each of you has something very personalised to do this week.

The aim is for everyone to complete the Careers and Exercise units as soon as possible so we can move onto a brand new unit next week - Managing Money πŸ’° πŸ’° πŸ’°

Take a look at the message I have left for each of you in the Stream and have a go at the tasks I've set. For some of you these are new tasks and for others I have asked you to improve upon previous work by following my feedback (written in the speaker comments below each slide).

Good luck, and remember you can ask for help any time by leaving a message in the Stream.

Mr B

Mr Bellamy
Posted by Mr Bellamy on January 5, 2021

Here we go again!

Hi everyone - so here we are again - back to blended learning!

There are a number of things for you to be cracking on with for your Prince's Trust qualification:

  1. If you have any unfinished work for Career Planning or Participating in Exercise then the priority is to finish those.
  2. If you have any work that has been graded as a 50/100 could you take a look at my feedback (in the speaker notes below each slide) and make any necessary edits or additions.
  3. If you have finished the above you may attempt the extension activities in Career Planning in order to access the higher level qualification (Level 2).
  4. If you have already completed the above then this means you are currently working towards your LiFE qualification. If that's the case then please work towards completing your current unit.

Let me know if you need help with anything - you can get in touch via the Stream or by visiting ydaith.co.uk/contact

Good luck - we'll be in touch with everyone on Tuesday and Thursday!

Mr B

Mr Bellamy
Posted by Mr Bellamy on December 11, 2020

Welcome back!

Hello all! Great to be finally back in school and back into routine. Next week will be our first week back with every student so I'm really looing forward to getting back into it πŸ™‚

We're going to start off by having a little catch up and refresher on how to use Google Classrooms and I've got a few tasks set up to help you practice your skills using the G-Suite apps.

I've got high hopes for you all this year - we're gonna smash it!

Mr Bellamy
Posted by Mr Bellamy on September 11, 2020

Final week - phew!

Well here we are - it's the final week of term and we're ready to hit the summer break. For all those that have been completing the Wellbeing Activities or the work set in Google Classroom - well done!

If you've found it hard to get motivated don't worry, we'll be back in September and ready to pick up where we left off πŸ™‚

Make sure you complete any outstanding work by Friday lunchtime if you want to claim a voucher - we've given out so many so far!

This week I've set you a questionaire that I'd really like you to fill in regarding how you've found the distance learning we've provided. If you fill it in you'll not only be helping us make things better for the future but also will earn yourself a voucher!

Mr Bellamy
Posted by Mr Bellamy on July 13, 2020

School Council Feedback

It's almost the summer holidays!

It was lovely to reopen the building last week and get back to some "normality". Looking forward to seeing more of you this week.

This week we need your help as members of the school council and are asking you for feedback and suggestions for improvements.
Don't forget to compliment what you've been set by your teachers with activities from the Wellbeing section of our website - https://ydaith.co.uk/learning/wellbeing-activities/

Take care,
Mr B

Mr Bellamy
Posted by Mr Bellamy on July 6, 2020

Reflecting on Lockdown

Hi all - looking forward to seeing you as we return to school this week 😊

So far we've completed two full units of work for your Prince's Trust qualification so this week we're taking the foot off the gas a bit to spend some time reflecting on our experiences in lockdown. Take a look at the resource I've shared with you and let me know your thoughts.

Last week we returned to school to prep the building for your return and look forward to showing you around!

Take care - Mr B

Mr Bellamy
Posted by Mr Bellamy on June 29, 2020

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Hi everyone - so by now you'll all know the days that you are able to "check in and catch up". Everyone in year 10 has been given 7 sessions before the summer holidays to try and get back to some kind of normality!

Yesterday, Mr Miles, Mr Evans, Mr Sweeden and myself spent the day in Key Stage 4 getting the building ready for your return. The building is going to feel a little different at first but I can 100% say that the staff haven't changed a bit - the number of bad jokes was at an all time high πŸ˜…

(Practicing Social Distancing)

It was scorching today but thankfully the air con still works in the hall β˜€οΈ

Look forward to seeing you all over the coming weeks.

Stay safe - Mr B

Mr Bellamy
Posted by Mr Bellamy on June 25, 2020

Finishing our unit on exercise

Hi everyone… so this is it - you get to complete the final practical activity for this unit!

In this week's lessons you're going to look at the best ways to warm up and cool down and the reasons why it's so important to do so prior to exercise. You're then going to devise your own personal 3-part exercise routine, give it a go and then review how it went.

Later this week I'll give you a call and you can tell me how you got on. There's also a short end-of-unit assessment this week just as you did last term.

Give it your best shot and try not to break anything!

Catch up in the week, Mr B 😊

Mr Bellamy
Posted by Mr Bellamy on June 22, 2020

Practicing what I preach...

Wassup my student colleagues?! Hope you had a good weekend.

I spent a lot of time this weekend teaching my kids to ride their bikes which meant a lot of jogging alongside them - they seemed totally fine while I got really puffed out!

This weeks lessons are definitely something I could learn from as I know that recently I've been getting less exercise than I should.
This week I am going to make sure that I do some exercise every day whether that's cardio or weights.

You just watch… next time you see me I'll be ripped!
Or just slightly less chubby.

Mr Bellamy
Posted by Mr Bellamy on June 15, 2020

Aboriginal Art

Did you know that every Monday morning we post a selection of Wellbeing Activities on the website? They're packed with arts and crafts ideas, fitness classes and things to do to unwind and switch off.

In half term I tried the Aboriginal Art task. I didn't have paint so I used Sharpie pens. I also did my patterns on some old tiles. What do you think? I used a compass to make faint circles with a pencil and then added the spots over the top. The lizard is copied from the website.

They're really relaxing to do because your mind is so focussed the whole time. Head over to the Wellbeing Activities page to get started πŸ™‚

You can find the task here.

Mr Bellamy
Posted by Mr Bellamy on June 11, 2020

Risky business

Welcome to week 2 - hope you had a good weekend!

This week we're going to be continuing our work on exercise by loking at the risks and what we can do to minimize them. We're also going to be doing a 10 minute cardio workout 😲

While we're on the subject of the risks associated with exercise remind me to one day tell you about the time I went to a trampoline class with SJ (fainted) or my first kickboxing class (fainted and threw up) or that time I fell off my bike (sprained ankle… and fainted).

There is no better person to be able to teach how how NOT to exercise! πŸ˜‚ Make sure you eat beforehand and drink plenty of water…

Stay safe amigos - Mr B

Mr Bellamy
Posted by Mr Bellamy on June 8, 2020

LiFE course for year 11's

Hi all,

Firstly, well done to everyone who has completed so much of the LiFE course - your efforts during lockdown have been amazing! πŸ‘πŸ‘

Secondly, if you've not yet finished the course you have just one week left before the course will be closed for grading.

Now is the time for the final push to get it finished. Do your absolute best and give it everything I know you can - if you need any help you can always reach me via the school Facebook page or by emailing ks4learning@ydaith.co.uk

Mr Bellamy
Posted by Mr Bellamy on June 2, 2020

Our first practical...

So this is our first week of the Participating in Exercise unit for your Prince's Trust qualification and like I said, that includes some practical challenges! I'm really looking forward to seeing how you get on in this week's challenge - head over to Google Classroom for the details.

Here's a taster of what to expect... Just in case you were wondering - that's not me in the video. Let me know how you get on!

Mr Bellamy
Posted by Mr Bellamy on June 1, 2020

Welcome back!

Welcome back to the last half term of the year! I can't believe we've already done a half term together under lockdown! Last half term you did a brilliant job on your Career Planning unit - this half term we're going to do a unit called Participating in Exercise. Log into Google Classroom to see your first 3 lessons. If you can't remember how just check out our video page. See you in the classroom 😁

Mr Bellamy
Posted by Mr Bellamy on June 1, 2020
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