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Miss Williams
"Hi everyone, this is where I'll be keeping you up to date with the work we're posting to Google Classroom."

Last week of term

Hi all!!!

We've made it to the last week before half term.  Many of you have now been issued with a good few vouchers for your work and effort. Fantastic, keep it up!!
It's lovely to hear that so many of you have been into school and working with the staff to complete your work. 

Remember, any problems at all just give us an email.

Miss W

Miss Williams
Posted by Miss Williams on February 8, 2021

Happy last week to you all!

Hi all!

For the last week we've set some basic numeracy and literacy tasks on your Hwb for you to complete. Just a few tasks to finish off the term. You'll find these in the Remote Learning classroom.

We will be calling on Tuesday and Thursday to check in with you.

Speak soon, Miss W

Miss Williams
Posted by Miss Williams on December 14, 2020

Next week

Hi all!!

Next week Year 9's will be returning to school for some sessions before the Summer holidays. You would have all received your timetable which give you one session at at the KS3 site, a morning with YEP and then a session at the KS4 site for transition. I can't wait to see you all and catch up. I've also been collecting you choices of options for next year. Mr B will be visiting us during the sessions at KS3 next week to give you some more information on what to expect from your choices.

As the summer holidays draw near, the Vale has sent out information re childcare provision for over the summer holidays. Provision is being secured in childcare settings, play-schemes, Teen schemes and Family First Disabilities Holiday Schemes.

For children aged 0-5 years you can find out more information at: https://www.valeofglamorgan.gov.uk/en/living/social_care/children_and_young_people/Family-Information-Service/childcare-for-Preschool-Children.aspx The closing date for applications is 12.07.2020.

The Family Information Service can help search for childcare, activities and family support, so please contact fis@valeofglamorgan.gov.uk

Can't wait to see you all next week!!!

Bye for now

Miss B x

Miss Williams
Posted by Miss Williams on July 10, 2020

We're nearly there!

Morning all.

We've made it to the last three weeks of term, the end is in sight! These next three weeks will be very different to the past few months we've experienced as a lot of you will come back to school. We are so excited to see you again and also for a lot of my class, to have the opportunity to say goodbye before you go off to start your new adventure at Cowbridge.

Although things will be slightly different when you return over the next three weeks, it's a massive step to getting back to some kind of normal for us all. Something I'm really looking forward to.

Keep up the good work with the Google Classroom, we will be carrying on with the £10 voucher reward over next three weeks.

Can't wait to catch up with you all, bye for now

Miss B

Miss Williams
Posted by Miss Williams on June 29, 2020

Check in and Catch up

Morning all,

Hopefully later this week we can confirm with you all the details for you check in and catch up sessions at school. Mr Sweeden and Mrs Fox have been working away putting the final touches on the plans, which we will share with you soon. It will be lovely to finally get to see you all, especially as lots of you are leaving me and going on to start your new journey at Cowbridge. Don't forget our class Zoom sessions are also there for a catch up!

I can't wait to see you all and get back to some sort of normality. It has been far too long!!!

Remember if you have any problems with the work, questions or just want a chat, you can message me on Google Classrooms.

See you all soon!!

Miss Williams
Posted by Miss Williams on June 24, 2020

The sunshine is back!

Morning all, it's lovely to see the sunshine is back to cheer us all up in this weird time.

I've spoken to a lot of you either over Zoom or on the phone this past week and I'm so proud of how you're all handling this bizarre time.

Don't forget the class Zooms are just an opportunity to catch up with us all and chat. It's been lovely seeing and hearing about what you've been doing.

This week on Google Classrooms is an opportunity for you to catch up on work, so no new assignments have been posted.

Remember, you can get in touch at any time if you need help with the work, also remember that the work you complete gets you vouchers!!!

So enjoy the sunshine in this lovely new week, smash the work and drop in with us for a catch up.

See you soon

Miss B

Miss Williams
Posted by Miss Williams on June 16, 2020

Exciting news!!

Morning all! With the news now that we can soon return to school (in some form) we can't wait to see you.

It was lovely seeing some of you on your individual Zoom's Tuesday and class Zooms yesterday. Remember the class sessions are happening twice a week on a Wednesday and Friday. It's a fab way to catch up and see each other in this weird period that we're in.

Keep up with the good work you're doing on Google Classrooms and well done to those who have received vouchers for their hard work.

Remember if you need any help with the work you can get in contact with me by sending a message.

Speak soon Miss B x

Miss Williams
Posted by Miss Williams on June 11, 2020

What a change!!

Hi all! What a change in the weather we've had! I hope you all enjoyed the half term break and made the most of the sun. As my class know I adore the sun and was out every spare minute I had.

I missed speaking to you all last week so it was lovely catching up with you this week. I'm glad more of you are Zooming with us as we've missed seeing your faces.

Remember that if you complete the work you can earn yourself a voucher of your choice.

If there's anything I can help you with at all, just give me a message in Google Classroom.

Bye for now!

Miss Williams
Posted by Miss Williams on June 4, 2020


Welcome back! Hope you've all had a lovely half term and enjoyed the sun. Don't forget to complete the work to earn your vouchers!!

Miss Williams
Posted by Miss Williams on June 2, 2020
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