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Distance Learning (Key Stage 4)

Here you'll find our Key Stage 4 overview of learning for this half term as well as links to our Key Stage 4 teacher blogs and this week's Wellbeing Activities.


Every Monday morning we set work for our learners to access via Google Classroom - follow our Teacher Blogs to see exactly what we're doing each week. We also provide paper copies upon request.

Our curriculum overview for Summer 2 is below:
We’ll be preparing for year 11 by completing an exam paper together. Don't worry though - we'll be breaking it down into small chunks and showing you exactly how to do each section via a series of short videos. We’ll also continue reading the gory story of Lord Loss.
Our Foundation and Intermediate Tier learners will be doing work around the probability scale, collecting data and pictograms. Our Higher Tier learners will be studying tree diagrams and probability using Venn diagrams.
Prince's Trust
We’ll be completing a unit of work called Participating in Exercise which will include the health and social benefits of exercise, risks, how to stay safe, local facilities and how to live healthier lifestyle. We’ll also be doing some exercise along the way!
Creative Media
The topics for this half term all contribute to our unit of work on Photography. We will be looking at some well known photographers and their work, creating photo montages and developing practical skills including framing and composition.
Trouble logging in? Check out our tutorial videos for Hwb & Google Classroom


Our teachers regularly communicate with learners within Google Classroom regarding the work set for their Core Subjects but they also like to keep in touch here with their own micro-blog.

Don't forget, if you have a question you can just head over to Google Classroom to get in touch!
Mr Bellamy
It's almost the summer holidays! It was lovely to reopen the building last week and get back to some "normality". Looking forward to seeing more of you this week. This […]
July 6, 2020
Mr Miles
Hopefully I can make you laugh with a few of my favorite jokes I've heard during this isolation time...... I wanted to be a doctor but I didn’t have the […]
July 11, 2020
Mr Evans
As a school, we've been using Google Classrooms to teach our 'virtual' curriculum. I've started using the comments section to set tasks and let you know what you need to […]
July 6, 2020


We recognise that sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time can be counter-productive to learning. While we also try to incorporate alternative tasks into our Core Subjects on Google Classroom we also think it's important for young people to engage with a wellbeing curriculum to better support them while distance learning. 

Our Wellbeing Activities are refreshed every Monday morning and aim to encourage our learners to take part in activities and experiences that nurture mindfulness, creativity and physical exercise.

Wellbeing activities for week beginning 6th July 2020:

Window Art

Paint your own window art.

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30 Day Fitness Plan

30 day fitness plan – no equipment needed!

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15 Minute Workout

Get stronger and look better in 30 days, 15 minutes a day.

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Easy Home Workout

Easy workout – no equipment needed!

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Make your own Slime

Homemade slime is a gloopy variation of playdough and silly putty, easily made from common household ingredients.

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Mindful Exercises

Find a list of 5 different mindful activities to try.

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Origami for Beginners

Relax with step by step instructions on how to manufacture paper masterpieces.

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Stress Reduction Through Breathing

Focusing on a single sensation can help still a racing mind. Focusing on the breath can also lead us to breathe more slowly and deeply, leading to a slower heart rate and a more relaxed state.

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Gratitude Jar

Gratitude Jars are a fun, artistic, and hands-on way for children to practice gratitude. In this activity, each child will create a special jar where they save gratitude statements at the end of the day.

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Photographs or scans of any completed activities may be shared with us by emailing ks3learning@ydaith.co.uk or ks4learning@ydaith.co.uk 
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