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Y Daith
Y Daith

Key Stage 3

At KS3 we focus on the Intellectual, Physical, Aesthetic, Spiritual, Personal, Social and Moral Development of students.

The current changes to the curriculum has meant that we have moved to a project-based curriculum, where the core subjects are taught and the skills are then reinforced via project-based learning tasks.

Students have English, Maths, ICT, ART and PSE lessons while Science, Geography, History, RE and Languages are taught through project-based tasks. This was rolled out through 2013-2014 and is on-going, in order to make the curriculum more real-life based. Incidental Welsh is also used at every opportunity with bilingual displays and signs.

As well as specialist staff within Y Daith, we also offer enhanced PSE / Emotional Intelligence support with weekly access to a counsellor and school nurse as well as a range of outside agencies which can also offer student specific packages to meet individual needs.

The students at KS3 currently attend the Amelia Trust Farm (ATF) on a Monday every other week. They can access individually planned learning routes and can study: woodcraft, woodwork, animal care, music, pottery as well as Independent living skills.

The Welsh Government believes that giving young learners a sound foundation for the future will benefit children and Wales as a whole in the long term.

Parents and carers have a vital role to play in helping their children to learn and, more importantly, to enjoy school and learning.

This guide will help explain what your child is learning in secondary school. It will give you some ideas about how to help your child and where to get more information, and will explain how their progress will be measured and reported to you.

The Welsh Government’s guide to Key Stage 3 is available for viewing below. Alternatively, download a copy here.

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