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At KS3 we focus on the: Intellectual, Physical, Aesthetic, Spiritual, Personal, Social and Moral Development of students.

The current changes to the curriculum has meant that we have moved to a project-based curriculum, where the core subjects are taught and the skills are then reinforced via project-based learning tasks.

Students have English, Maths, ICT, ART and PSE lessons while Science, Geography, History, RE and Languages are taught through project-based tasks. This was rolled out through 2013-2014 and is on-going, in order to make the curriculum more real-life based. Incidental Welsh is also used at every opportunity with bilingual displays and signs.

As well as specialist staff within Y Daith, we also offer enhanced PSE / Emotional Intelligence support with weekly access to a counsellor and school nurse as well as a range of outside agencies which can also offer student specific packages to meet individual needs.

The students at KS3 currently attend the Amelia Trust Farm (ATF) on a Monday every other week. They can access individually planned learning routes and can study: woodcraft, woodwork, animal care, music, pottery as well as Independent living skills.