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Our Healthy Living Project draws to a close

Our Healthy Living Project draws to a close

For the last two weeks students in year 10 and year 11 have been working on a Healthy Living project and this week they’ve completed the final stag in preparing themselves healthy meals.

While working on the Healthy Living project students have completed units of work for both their qualification in Personal Development and Employability and their IT Users course.

Topics covered in the Healthy Living project have included:

  • Exploring the factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, lifestyle, sleep)
  • Problems associated with alcohol abuse
  • Problems associated with tobacco use
  • Dangers of the misuse of legal drugs
  • Planning and making a healthy meal
  • Working towards a healthy lifestyle

We’re pleased with the progress made and glad to see so many students embrace the opportunity to prepare their own lunch. We’ve had students prepare tacos, burgers, Welsh Rarebit, and a variety of salads, all using low-fat alternatives and healthier means of preparation where necessary. We’ve also had several visits from outside speakers and students were able to buy their own ingredients from local supermarkets.

Next half-term’s project is called Preparing for Work so maybe there will be a few students inspired to take up catering!

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