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GCSE Exam Dates 2019

GCSE Exam Dates 2019

Exam season is here and the dates for this year’s GCSE examinations are as follows:

GCSE Numeracy 1 – Tuesday 7th May (9am)
GCSE Numeracy 2 – Thursday 9th May (9am)
GCSE Mathematics 1 – Tuesday 21st May (9am)
GCSE Business 1 – Friday 24th May (9am)
GCSE English 1 – Tuesday 4th June (9am)
GCSE Business 2 – Tuesday 4th June (1pm)
GCSE Mathematics 2 – Thursday 6th June (9am)
GCSE English 2 – Friday 7th June (9am)

Transport has been provided for all students and their training provider placements have been notified.
If you have any questions regarding the exams please feel free to contact Mr Bellamy on 01446 774460.

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